Changing Pakistan, in just one year

If you spare the time to read my action plans at and

You will notice that the solutions to Pakistan problems are extremely simple, as follows:

  1. Finance: Reduce taxation to a flat 10%. This will stimulate business growth, employment and GDP. Ban all imports except life saving medicines and fuel. Give 1% tax schemes to all imported items manufacturers
  2. Law and Order: Create a police force of retired armed forces personnel, give them autonomy and reporting line to COAS then any civilian. Institute Qazi like system abolishing lawyers who fight for money then justice
  3. Liberalise the economy: Separate the state from faith, increase tourism revenue
  4. Establish Presidential form of Government, with elections once every 10 years to make life predictable for leaders and the led

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The first step starts right here…


Flag of my homeland

Changing Pakistan, dream to reality

Pakistanis are a nation in constant depression; I want to do my bit to get us out of this by proposing practical solutions to our key problems & issues. I don’t want money, power or fame, I do this as I really love my country, from the middle class I FEEL the problems this country has faced that the ruling landlords, from whichever party they come from, can never & will never feel, accept or change.

The following is a recipe to change Pakistan and ALL Less Developed Countries in Africa and Asia, Central Americas, Russian states who follow more or less the same problems. All my “teachings” and presentations are online at, while the Change Pakistan in One Year Presentation is online, RIGHT HERE! Click and see it NOW.

If you are with the media, spread the message, have talk shows on it, let there be a debate, let us bring out the good in people of all colors, faiths and races, let us have them accept everyone, and set ground rules for behavior for all of us.

Problems facing Pakistan over the last 60 years since 1947: These problems are listed in order of priority or importance, that is, we should solve each step by step

1 60 years of No real rule of law
2 60 years of Identity crisis, Islamic or Secular? Some call it terrorism…
3 60 years of Foreign policy controlled by foreigners
4 60 years of Messy Economy
5 60 years of Messy Civil Services
6 60 years of blame shifting: Chess between Army, Politicians, Ulema & Bureaucracy

Solutions to Pakistan’s key 6 problems: These are practical solutions that WILL change the status quo:

1 Law & order
Why law & order? Law & order is the BASIS of progress in any successful society, its not oil or gold or capitalism alone that makes countries grow, Dubai or US/Europe, it is PROTECTED & NURTURED by a stable law & order system that ensures FAIRNESS & EQUALITY for all, poor or powerful alike.
Our current police & judiciary are full of corrupt people, the world has ranked us as one of the most corrupt in this area, don’t try to justify them as the world, let alone me, will not believe you. You CAN’T “correct” the police force or judges, they were hired on the basis of corruption, they work on that basis, and they say “Yes Sir” to the government or powers that be, “No Sir” to justice, right & wrong. Don’t expect them to change, don’t try to change them, you will waste another 60 years & probably divide Pakistan into 60 parts in that time too! Our army, bureaucracy & politicians are used to ABUSING police & justice as a mere tool in their hands to achieve their objectives. We need a NEW force that does NOT bow down to the rich & powerful, politicians, army or bureaucrats, ONLY to right & wrong. THAT will CHANGE the country.
The answer to law & order is simple, the ONLY organized body in the country that has & can protect the country is the ARMY, unfortunately, for 60 years they have USED us to achieve their objectives, land, power, budgets, influence, NOW ITS OUR, the people’s, turn to use them. Divide the army into two parts, internal & external defense, internal defense to control police & justice with their OWN people, NO civilians, reporting to COAS, NOT to a politician (except the COAS him or herself). THEY should ensure RIGHT IS RIGHT & WRONG IS WRONG at all levels of society. This will bring safety, prosperity & investment back on track as there will be someone to listen to the oppressed.

2 Identity Crisis

Pakistan was made, 60 years ago, in the name of ISLAM, there is no question about it, if it wasn’t for Islam, Pakistan & the then East Pakistan would have remained a part of secular India. Pakistan was made for Muslims to practice their religion according to their beliefs. Our politicians & army licking the Western powers to prove the opposite is simply shameful. Islam is the fodder for existence of 80% of this country, it’s a pity the ruling class despises & demeans Islam, throughout the 60 years of its existence, hence the OBVIOUS tension between the people & the leadership.

The other side of the coin is that SINCE the educated people (read so called Muslims) disowned Islam, the ILLITERATES “hijacked” it, using it as a means to gain power & control of the masses. Now we have to undo the damage, the only way it can be done is the ruling class to be from educated Muslims who understand Islam in letter & spirit & are able to propagate that to the masses, cutting out the illiterate clergy if not educating them.

Being an Islamic nation does NOT mean we force people to live in an Islamic way, it means ADMINSTERING RIGHTS & JUSTICE, hence drinking & even red light areas can be allowed so that tourism & frustration in the nation goes where it deserves, of course giving rights to sex workers as well. Extremism real name is “Jihalatism” change that to Islamic teachings as an educated Muslim like you & me would understand & extremism will be a thing of the past.

3 Foreign Policy
Since we are too selfish a nation, no one in our leadership in 60 years, hopefully not today as well, saw beyond their NOSE, they only cared for “badmashi” (abuse of power), POWER, MONEY, SHARAB (women) & SHABAB (wine, my point, you do anything you like in your personal life, but please be professional when it comes to governance!), hence foreign policy fell easily in the lap of external powers. Now if we have people of some character they will devise their OWN policies to suit Pakistan & negotiate tough deals that suit us than othersl! Also the ISI & the Army used meddling policies in India & Afghanistan, & as the saying goes “every action has an equal & opposite reaction” hence our peace is torn & shall remain.

4 Messy Economy
We fix points 1-3, 50% of economic activity will improve. The other half I have solid ideas to help the country recoup through free zones, IT leadership & more.

5 Messy Civil Services
We fix points 1-3 & civil services will start coming back on track with accountability & national focus.

6 Power tussle
Only the army & politicians can call a truce on this! We can only pray. However history tells us that when politicians become too corrupt the army steps in, & when the generals lose their sanity or their life, whichever comes first! Then the politicians re enter the arena. This merry go round will ONLY end when we establish law & order as in point no 1.

About me

I’m not a talker, I’m a doer, in Mr Shaukat Aziz as Finance Minister time, under Riaz Naqvi, the finest civil servant I ever met, alongside his colleague Riaz Malik, both ex Chairmen CBR, I was able to stop smuggling of mobile phones in Pakistan vide SRO 391 in 2001 that got the Govt USD 1bn in extra taxes. My efforts for all parties to unite to fight corruption & spread real Islam in Pakistan & beyond are well documented, so are my efforts to improve Pakistan economy. I got nothing out of it, not even a “thank you” from the government, but who cares, I love the PEOPLE and for them I do this. Be OPEN and BROADMINDED, stop BLAMING, and start ACTING. Join me, let’s change Pakistan as one nation, not Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian, Black, Yellow or White, Catholic or Protestant, PPP or PML, Punjabi or Pathan, Shia or Sunni, be ONE for once!

My life mission is to spread love and peace in a borderless world, join me and change the world. Peace, safety and prosperity are a global priority, I have a utopian dream to change the world, which I think world leaders are either not aware of or are too selfish in their approach to give a thought and reason. The world must act and stop rhetoric in the face of the hate and war machine that some foolishly think will solve terrorism or other problems. Let us be ONE as a world, regardless of religion color or caste and come together, our Creator wants to test us, HE made us (you call Him whatever you like, Allah, God, Bhagwan, Yahweh, makes no difference), we are no one to hate ANY ONE who is different than we are, imagine PEOPLE DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR OWN RELIGION, they simply blindly follow what their parents followed, so WHY SHOULD WE HATE SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT EVEN “CHOSEN” THEIR RELIGION???

Please read and forward this site to your friends and let us make this ideal world a reality, without borders, without passports, but WITH rules that we all accept, starting with tolerance and love for those who are unlike us… Think, if God wanted, we would all have been the same shape, size, color etc, if we hate a race, think, He made them too! He cannot hate His own creation so how can we? To judge us is His job, not ours, we are to accept and love each other and defy Satan.
If you don’t believe in religion, thats’ fine too, believe in humanity at least and preach all to be good human beings starting with yourself and those you love.

Imran Owais Kazmi

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