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Changing Pakistan, dream to reality

Pakistanis are a nation in constant depression; I want to do my bit to get us out of this by proposing practical solutions to our key problems & issues. I don’t want money, power or fame, I do this as I really love my country, from the middle class I FEEL the problems this country has faced that the ruling landlords, from whichever party they come from, can never & will never feel, accept or change.

The following is a recipe to change Pakistan and ALL Less Developed Countries in Africa and Asia, Central Americas, Russian states who follow more or less the same problems. All my “teachings” and presentations are online at, while the Change Pakistan in One Year Presentation is online, RIGHT HERE! Click and see it NOW.

If you are with the media, spread the message, have talk shows on it, let there be a debate, let us bring out the good in people of all colors, faiths and races, let us have them accept everyone, and set ground rules for behavior for all of us.

Problems facing Pakistan over the last 60 years since 1947: These problems are listed in order of priority or importance, that is, we should solve each step by step

1 60 years of No real rule of law
2 60 years of Identity crisis, Islamic or Secular? Some call it terrorism…
3 60 years of Foreign policy controlled by foreigners
4 60 years of Messy Economy
5 60 years of Messy Civil Services
6 60 years of blame shifting: Chess between Army, Politicians, Ulema & Bureaucracy

Solutions to Pakistan’s key 6 problems: These are practical solutions that WILL change the status quo:

1 Law & order
Why law & order? Law & order is the BASIS of progress in any successful society, its not oil or gold or capitalism alone that makes countries grow, Dubai or US/Europe, it is PROTECTED & NURTURED by a stable law & order system that ensures FAIRNESS & EQUALITY for all, poor or powerful alike.
Our current police & judiciary are full of corrupt people, the world has ranked us as one of the most corrupt in this area, don’t try to justify them as the world, let alone me, will not believe you. You CAN’T “correct” the police force or judges, they were hired on the basis of corruption, they work on that basis, and they say “Yes Sir” to the government or powers that be, “No Sir” to justice, right & wrong. Don’t expect them to change, don’t try to change them, you will waste another 60 years & probably divide Pakistan into 60 parts in that time too! Our army, bureaucracy & politicians are used to ABUSING police & justice as a mere tool in their hands to achieve their objectives. We need a NEW force that does NOT bow down to the rich & powerful, politicians, army or bureaucrats, ONLY to right & wrong. THAT will CHANGE the country.
The answer to law & order is simple, the ONLY organized body in the country that has & can protect the country is the ARMY, unfortunately, for 60 years they have USED us to achieve their objectives, land, power, budgets, influence, NOW ITS OUR, the people’s, turn to use them. Divide the army into two parts, internal & external defense, internal defense to control police & justice with their OWN people, NO civilians, reporting to COAS, NOT to a politician (except the COAS him or herself). THEY should ensure RIGHT IS RIGHT & WRONG IS WRONG at all levels of society. This will bring safety, prosperity & investment back on track as there will be someone to listen to the oppressed.

2 Identity Crisis

Pakistan was made, 60 years ago, in the name of ISLAM, there is no question about it, if it wasn’t for Islam, Pakistan & the then East Pakistan would have remained a part of secular India. Pakistan was made for Muslims to practice their religion according to their beliefs. Our politicians & army licking the Western powers to prove the opposite is simply shameful. Islam is the fodder for existence of 80% of this country, it’s a pity the ruling class despises & demeans Islam, throughout the 60 years of its existence, hence the OBVIOUS tension between the people & the leadership.

The other side of the coin is that SINCE the educated people (read so called Muslims) disowned Islam, the ILLITERATES “hijacked” it, using it as a means to gain power & control of the masses. Now we have to undo the damage, the only way it can be done is the ruling class to be from educated Muslims who understand Islam in letter & spirit & are able to propagate that to the masses, cutting out the illiterate clergy if not educating them.

Being an Islamic nation does NOT mean we force people to live in an Islamic way, it means ADMINSTERING RIGHTS & JUSTICE, hence drinking & even red light areas can be allowed so that tourism & frustration in the nation goes where it deserves, of course giving rights to sex workers as well. Extremism real name is “Jihalatism” change that to Islamic teachings as an educated Muslim like you & me would understand & extremism will be a thing of the past.

3 Foreign Policy
Since we are too selfish a nation, no one in our leadership in 60 years, hopefully not today as well, saw beyond their NOSE, they only cared for “badmashi” (abuse of power), POWER, MONEY, SHARAB (women) & SHABAB (wine, my point, you do anything you like in your personal life, but please be professional when it comes to governance!), hence foreign policy fell easily in the lap of external powers. Now if we have people of some character they will devise their OWN policies to suit Pakistan & negotiate tough deals that suit us than othersl! Also the ISI & the Army used meddling policies in India & Afghanistan, & as the saying goes “every action has an equal & opposite reaction” hence our peace is torn & shall remain.

4 Messy Economy
We fix points 1-3, 50% of economic activity will improve. The other half I have solid ideas to help the country recoup through free zones, IT leadership & more.

5 Messy Civil Services
We fix points 1-3 & civil services will start coming back on track with accountability & national focus.

6 Power tussle
Only the army & politicians can call a truce on this! We can only pray. However history tells us that when politicians become too corrupt the army steps in, & when the generals lose their sanity or their life, whichever comes first! Then the politicians re enter the arena. This merry go round will ONLY end when we establish law & order as in point no 1.

About me

I’m not a talker, I’m a doer, in Mr Shaukat Aziz as Finance Minister time, under Riaz Naqvi, the finest civil servant I ever met, alongside his colleague Riaz Malik, both ex Chairmen CBR, I was able to stop smuggling of mobile phones in Pakistan vide SRO 391 in 2001 that got the Govt USD 1bn in extra taxes. My efforts for all parties to unite to fight corruption & spread real Islam in Pakistan & beyond are well documented, so are my efforts to improve Pakistan economy. I got nothing out of it, not even a “thank you” from the government, but who cares, I love the PEOPLE and for them I do this. Be OPEN and BROADMINDED, stop BLAMING, and start ACTING. Join me, let’s change Pakistan as one nation, not Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian, Black, Yellow or White, Catholic or Protestant, PPP or PML, Punjabi or Pathan, Shia or Sunni, be ONE for once!

My life mission is to spread love and peace in a borderless world, join me and change the world. Peace, safety and prosperity are a global priority, I have a utopian dream to change the world, which I think world leaders are either not aware of or are too selfish in their approach to give a thought and reason. The world must act and stop rhetoric in the face of the hate and war machine that some foolishly think will solve terrorism or other problems. Let us be ONE as a world, regardless of religion color or caste and come together, our Creator wants to test us, HE made us (you call Him whatever you like, Allah, God, Bhagwan, Yahweh, makes no difference), we are no one to hate ANY ONE who is different than we are, imagine PEOPLE DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR OWN RELIGION, they simply blindly follow what their parents followed, so WHY SHOULD WE HATE SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT EVEN “CHOSEN” THEIR RELIGION???

Please read and forward this site to your friends and let us make this ideal world a reality, without borders, without passports, but WITH rules that we all accept, starting with tolerance and love for those who are unlike us… Think, if God wanted, we would all have been the same shape, size, color etc, if we hate a race, think, He made them too! He cannot hate His own creation so how can we? To judge us is His job, not ours, we are to accept and love each other and defy Satan.
If you don’t believe in religion, thats’ fine too, believe in humanity at least and preach all to be good human beings starting with yourself and those you love.

Imran Owais Kazmi



  1. Imran O Kazmi said

    Dearest Pakistanis, Arafat and PTI/all parties/media,This is a very serious matter; our country is on the edge of breakup and civil war.It will be my pleasure to attend the PTI, or any other Pakistani party meet in Dubai, I have severe bronchitis right now and am on way to hospital, else I have every desire to call Arafat, since I can’t talk I am emailing all of you brothers and sisters of our unlucky country ruled by landlords and corrupt people, BUT full of highly religious, simple, hardworking and loving people.I am the unofficial President of Pakistan who doesn’t need votes, power or authority : – ) join me, lets wipe out poverty, illiteracy and bad governance, we CAN do it, just read my blogs below and start believing… I had read PTI Agenda, however, I have my OWN agenda too, which complements PTI Agenda, following links will enlighten you to Pakistan and Global freedom from centuries of human captivity in idolistic thought and action.1 Change Pakistan download presentation from here (Change Pakistan)2 Change the World http://www.ahappyworld.info3 To know more about me, and join me on LinkedIn click Khan is a good man, he was my childhood hero, perhaps like yours too, can never forget the ’92 World Cup images, however, in politics, being too direct and aggressive, he alienated himself from everyone, while it is easy to criticize, I must tell you there is GOOD in EVERY human being, yes perhaps even in Mr Zardari, there was in Musharaf, had that not been the case he wouldn’t have helped me stop smuggling of cell phones in Pakistan while I was Nokia country head from 1999-2001 and earned Government of Pakistan USD 1bn+ todate. Let us tell PTI’s respected leader, Mr Imran Khan, that to criticize is easy, but to accept and change people is TOUGH, WHY does he or we BLAME our current leaders? They are a product of our current SOCIAL VALUES, such a society as ours, at present will produce leaders as at present, simple! A leader is like a prophet of old times, he ACCEPTS people and lovingly preaches his message to them, he does not insult and ridicule them, that is THEIR job, and the enlightened ones in them soon understand and help them.I look forward to helping PTI, or any other party, change Pakistan, just as in my small way, I have helped PPP, PML and PML-Q, MQM, ISPR through their FEW GOOD PEOPLE (Fauzia Wahab, Dr Donya Aziz and Pervaiz Malik/Riaz Fattiana, Kunwar Khalid Yunus, Brig Tariq Jilani among others) as we are all ONE NATION I will never cut off one part of Pakistan to please another, PTI is a part of Pakistan so are the other parties, I accept and love every Pakistani even if their thinking and actions are different from mine; I don’t generally HATE people and the only people I DO HATE are those who hate other fellow human beings.All the best to Pakistan and ENLIGHTENMENT to you fellow Pakistanis then the HATE of 60 years. I have worked SELFLESSLY for Pakistan, I was never rewarded by the Government or Politicians for my effort but the PEOPLE of Pakistan, no matter what forum I met them, or on the streets, have ALWAYS praised me, that to me is reward enough and I seek none else then the prosperity and INTEGRITY of Pakistan which is at risk today.Regards,Imran O KazmiChief Thinking Officer, A Happy World/CRS CubeGSM: +44 750 9184690, +971 50 5849562, +971 55 8094119imran@ahappyworld.infoChange the world we live in: http://www.ahappyworld.infoChange an LDC/Pakistan: http://changepakistannow.blogspot.comChange the corporate world:

  2. Anonymous said

    Imran, I am so proud of having you as a friend. This is a wonderful mission and you have very constructive ideas, somewhat unrealistic but based on great intentions and pondering.I am not a cynic and I agree with you on most points.On law and order, however, I do have an excuse (to me legit) for the police and beaureaucrats: Sure they are corrupt, but they are corrupt because there compensaion is way below what it should be. I truley believe if the police was paid better a majority of them would loose the motivation to seek bribes. It will take a while to change habits. They could start with offering them two options. Higher salaray and benefits and complete accountability and retribution. Or continue their current lifestyle and values.With checks and balances and change in values through social media we can bring abt this revolution. If the corrupt are reviled and shunned instead of being revered because of their material wealth they would have to change. When the new younger generation refuses to accept and venerate wealth from corruption, it will eventually stop.Imran, wonderful efforts. God Bless you.Cyma

  3. Anonymous said

    CZ, I know what you’re saying, I know you mean well, MANY Pakistanis like you full of zeal have proposed SIMILAR ideological but impractical solutions…BUT sorry I don’t agree, the thing is, your suggestion is not practical:“…They could start with offering them two options. Higher salaray and benefits and complete accountability and retribution. Or continue their current lifestyle and values…”When you say “accountability” WHO will hold millions of policemen accountable? You are proposing a new force of equal size as watchdogs over them OR you expect the “JUNTA” – the public who is ALREADY much HARASSED to speak up? They never will when the honor of their daughters and lives of their sons are placed as a choice before them?Once corrupt always corrupt, how many bribe takers you know turned sufis? There is a reason why such things are dealt with SEVERELY in the West, they DON’T FORGIVE BRIBE TAKERS IN THE US/UK/Euro that you are proposing, for a good reason!Army is our only hope, to use them, not BE USED by them as has been the case so far, read my presentation, download it from the blog, the link is in red.Cyma, I showed it to Paki MNAs and Ministers… will tell you someday what happened and to what extent I went…LoveImran

  4. Anonymous said

    ok, i mean no disrespect to your sentiments but for a guy who loves and does it for the “people” only, you sure really wanted a “thank you” from the Government else you wouldnt have mentioned it the “thank you” part here. Lets be more honest to people when we talk to them.

    As far as your historical knowledge is concerned, time you et some facts straight.. specially the cause of formation of PAkistan. Pakistan was made as a secular state where all religions would have freedom to do what they wish to do (which in turn is also a trait in Islamic societies) but the cause of Pakistan was not Islam alone else the population of Muslims in India is still twice more than us 🙂 do a little research brother and i wish you luck in your mission!

  5. Imran Owais Kazmi [IOK] said

    Well, firstly you should be able to identify yourself if you think you are morally correct. I have done my research have you done yours by the way Sir/Madam? Do you know how MANY Muslims and Hindus were butchered in this process? Oh you might call that “ethnic” violence, whereas you probably know, smart that you are to not even come out in the open and yet make your irrational comments, that it was a religious thing…

    Wake up, anyway swine flu will kill those who survive and make mockery of the truth. Even those who don’t 🙂 LOL

  6. Religious extremism can be curbed by legislating Masjids to be open to all sects regardless of the Imam sahab’s own affiliation with any division.

    If any Masjid is inclined towards a particular sect, that should be either closed down or put under some check.

    While other problems would be cut to half if we control the above. People have lots of time in Pakistan to address and be subject to religious bigotry.

    • Great ideas Mirza Saheb.

      • Aban Usmani said

        Democratic vote from the area surrounding the mosques about the preferable sectarian affilliation of the imam, use of mosques speakers at night and before and after prayers etc could help community

        Ofcourse all mosques should be open to all, and any muslim, religious scholar or imam obstructing others prayer should be curbed true and proper

        I think mosques/imams should have to announce their affilliation to a certain religious sect and work under the umbrella of the sect…if any sectarian problems originate from such a mosque the supervising sect leaders should be responsible and held accountable…the imams could be changed by the sectarian leader

        these imams should have some kind of regular cpd (continous professional development) sessions and should complete hours of regular community work too

        these imams should be salaried rather than left to be exploited by their financers

  7. Dear Friends it won’t take anybody very far by calling each other names and slinging our curses
    Islam is by far the most secular religions of all and if we are allowed to live in peace we can all survive.
    Mr. Imran has done good by peening his thoiughts but unfortunately he believes too much in the Army…Are the Army the clean guys…No Sir…they have exceeded their limits more than once…Mr. Ayub and Zia enforced Martial Law as Cheifs of Army Staff while Mr. Musharraf did the first ever real coup in Pakistan (he was at that time a terminated general – terminated by the legal authority) and the rest of the army supported him.

    Mr. Imran you are hosting this page and people like me are your guests, you cannot insist for people to disclose their identity on an internet forum and cursing visitors is the worst thing one could do. Please try to be patient

  8. Dear Brother Aban, Salam,

    I have no ill will towards any human being, I am simply transparent and open and expect others to reciprocate IF they wish to interact with me, there is no compulsion to do so from my part. I have no “guests” only fellow “warriors” for change, people who share the spirit, we don’t any thing to each other, only to our motherland.

    I suggest you read this news item and then view my “pro army” sentiments as you put it

    Army is not a “cure all” to this extent I TOTALLY agree with you, but they need to be CONTROLLED and USED by INTELLIGENT civilians, since they are the ONLY organized body, do read the presentation (link) as well.

    I am not here to argue with anyone or impose my views on those who disagree, nor am I a diplomat to “convince” you of what I say is right, the feeling will come from within, if you agree with my views you will automatically decide to support the cause, which is not mine alone, its’ for the whole country

    • Aban Usmani said

      I am sorry my friend…military courts…no thats not the right answer…all state institutions have to work in their limits…
      if courts and police can work efficiently things can progress…if you ask military to come and fix everything you are in for a big dissappointment…. they are corrupt and corruptable like me and you

      we have to educate the masses to observe others rights and the rule of law to prevail
      Our leaders have to understand that their is nobody who is more equal than others…being a leader or ruler means being more transparent and answerable…rather than superior and above law and question

      • Do see – I like your Mosque Imam idea, though I’m dead against sects in Islam, to me we must FORCE the religious leaders to SIT DOWN and AGREE on a common Islam, that’s it, no escape, compromise, give or take, agree, and simply enforce that COMMON ISLAM, allowing sects is asking for trouble as is right now…

  9. Tanzila said

    Can I say something? I think law issues, economical issues, political instability issues, civil services issues all these are just symptoms – not problems.

    No one is born as a terrorist, a dishonest politician or lawyer. Its the society that transforms us. We need to change ourselves on individual level to make a bigger impact. So no matter how many revolutions we bring if we don’t change nothing changes. Its a simple fact all of us overlook. We should have a revolution on how to be more honest with ourselves, with our families and neighbours. A revolution on how to achieve our own personal goals. When we keep our real self as priorities only then we expect a quality system.

    The reason why Pakistani masses have silently agreed to declining economy, dishonest leaders, misleading mullahs is because at the end of it, they all are a reflection of ourselves. Thats why it has become a norm.

    Nevertheless i respect your initiative.

    • Well said Tanzila, however, there are bigger issues, and we’re all a reflection of our leaders not vice versa, the term “mass hypnotism” exists for that reason 🙂

      • Aban Usmani said

        Imran and Tanzila both of you are correct….in your own way

        if individuals startto correct themselves the whole society will be on the right track

        very well said Imran “we’re all a reflection of our leaders not vice versa”…if the
        caliph sleeps like a common man and does surprise night rounds things are different…if our ruler is afraid to come into public and prefers to stay in the presidence and prime minister house they can never know the ground reality
        …if these leaders can fill aeroplanes with family members and have state sponsored vacations and haj and umrah…we people will follow the footsteps and plunder to our own best

      • Well said bro Aban, please see and pass on to your circle on FACEBOOK/TWITTER/SKYPE/EMAIL etc

    • Aban said

      I was reading about Anna Hazare of India…this wikipedia links tells us about him and how things could be done practically…similiar to what tanzeela has suggested

      • Dear Aban, thank you for the link, makes very interesting, and inspiring reading, however, I’m a firm believer of words then action, if you and Tanzeela have a meeting of minds on this, go ahead start your “fast into death” or any other Hazare or similar or your own inspired movement! My point is I’m fed up of Pakistanis doing drawing room talk, I need action, you see mine right here, whether you agree or disagree, I’ve done and am doing something, no matter how small.

        So take the first step, my prayers with you and those who are with you, who knows someday I might be a part of what you’re doing too? But YOU must TAKE the first step…

      • typo “action then words” was written the other way round 🙂 anyway, my best wishes and prayers with you, people like you and Tanzeela give ME hope, whether we agree or disagree our intent is the same…

  10. Aban said

    It seems you didn’t review the Wikipedia link on Mr. Anna Hazare…his efforts are not about “marn bart/fasting”…briefly mentioning over the last 45-50 years starting from 1975 he has established his own social welfare set up in his ancestral village and then expanded it to 70+ villages in the vicinity… crime rates, alcohol, dowry, all are part of attention of this social welfare

    so in affect he is a bigger dooer than many could imagine

    Imran bhai you are young and spirited…you have done a good job by speaking out and chalking out a plan of action…if you review the history of Muslim League…its founding members of the 1906 meeting in Bengal…if I am not wrong…had a very insignificant role if any in the 1947 partition
    But they were visionaries/thinkers who had the insight to get together and high light the main issues…Mr. Iqbal and Jinnah came in very late…but since the platform was available and ground work was ready they could easily reach their goals

    I hope you will evolve into the next Iqbal or Jinnah or provide them the solid footing needed…if anybody reads your blog will find our names their too

  11. Aban said

    I’m dead against sects in Islam, to me we must FORCE the religious leaders to SIT DOWN and AGREE on a common Islam,

    very interesting…actually funny….again no offence intended…it is the youthful adrenaline rush that tells you guys that you can change the world upside down
    …my friend I am 47+old…I would request you to change your stance on the religion issue…unless you want an action like Hitler…but you must remember how he has gone down in history

    In Surah Kafiroon…the prophet (peace be upon him) says may you stay with your religion and I may stay with mine….at another part in the Quran says
    “there is no compulsion in religion”…
    If you have read/heard the History of Islam you might have heard about Imam Malik and Imam Abu Hanifa being in the same time and telling their followers to respect the other imam’s rteligion
    (My memory fails me at names but it were 2 of the 4 great scholars… AbuHanifa, Malik, Hamnbal, Shafei)
    Before Aal -e-Saud took over for many years their used to be 4 Imams leading the prayer in Kaaba for their own followers.

    Please we guide our kids on what to eat and whom to meet and how to live… we help them to makr correct intelligent choices rather than to force them…I fail to understand how can you FORCE A COMMON ISLAM…even Akbar inventing Deen-e-iIahi didn’t (because he new he couldn’t) force people to join.

    Are you going to develop a common islam…our religious leaders…i don’t call them scholars since most of them are near illetrate (in my opinion)…are big power hungry thiefs…they are emotionally black mailing our public for the last 1000+ years

    I think it would be best to negotiate a middle way and put this emotional issue aside rather than to get side tracked by it

    We need to tell people to tolerate each other and live and let live

  12. Aban, am thankful for your input, am not as young as you think 🙂

    Let’s go step by step/point by point to maximize results from our dialogue:

    1 I did see Hazare’s works, wonder if you know of Sri Sri of the Art of Living? like I said they have their agenda, their strengths and weaknesses, I have mine, I can’t “be them” sure I can learn from them, for which I thanked you.

    2 Sects in Islam, yes indeed it’s a dream come true for me that this happens, but the realist in me knows as well as you point out that people kind of treat religion like their “skin/soul” – inseparable, handed down from parents, generation to generation, beliefs are seldom challenged, and a definite “no no” to delve into that area. Until the divides start affecting our lives, look around you today, Shia and Sunni can perhaps start a MUSLIM first world war, the zions shall laugh and drink while we drink our brother’s blood. I can go on and on this, but the bottom line I have is EVEN if they cannot “agree” on a common Islam, they can ALTER their faith to INCLUDE respect, tolerance and acceptance of other sects as “legitimate software” of the religion that is “compatible, authorized, signed and sealed” etc:) it’s not easy, but THIS TOLERANCE will help Muslims UNITE beyond Imam’s of Shia’s and Hadith of Wahabis to something common: HUMANITY, once we achieve this we can BUILD ON THE SAME MODEL with non Muslims, that is the basis of my site, if you’ve seen it? if not please take a look

    Hence my final philosophy is in line with your last line …tolerate… BUT that’s easier said then done and without the above, or similar, mechanics, it will soon die down as the hate monger emotional blackmailers in Islam, (and other religions too) will soon HIJACK the “tolerance” process and we’ll be back to square one.

    Think, think, think, I have again and again, I have the perfect answer so to speak but not able to get it across yet to the powers that be, once that is achieved, a buy in is agreed, we’ll start seeing hope convert to action.

    Will it happen in my and yours lifetime? I sure hope so 🙂 and pray… Aban and others, feel free to add me on skype iokazmi would be nice to put a sound and pic to the words 🙂

  13. Shaikh Mohommad said

    The root of all evil in Pakistan is the control that Pakistan Army has over its economy. Pakistan Army controls about 60% of Pakistan’s economy.

    If we want peace and tranquility in the the country, we should liberate the country from the clutches of Pakistan Army.

    • the root of all evil in Pakistan are dumb Pakistanis who don’t get it. Like you.

  14. Aban Usmani said

    Dear Mohammad I agree with you that a big parbof the problem is the leverage that Pakistan Army has with not only the finances but the policy making of Pakistan but Imran is also 100% correct that the problem is because of us dumb Pakistanis….
    We need to educate our masses and hope the change will come
    Sometime in Medical College I dreamt up a pressure group of fellow students who would go from college to college asking other students to pledge not to accept or pay bribes….this body would also try to solve any body’s problems stemming from the fact that they are required to pay bribes or are offered bribes…
    bribery being a big part of our corruption problem

  15. Nadim Ahmed said

    The above mentioned all problems are offshots of Illiteracy in scientific education, and as far as you considering Pakistanis as one nations is absolutely wrong, this shows that Pakistanis are unaware that they are not one nation and right from there emerges a series of problems. Read the book Urdu Qaum available at

  16. Roshaan said

    yes times start now……………………………

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